PUBG MOBILE, an on-line multiplayer shooting game. It isamongst 118 Chinese language apps blocked by the federal government of India amid stress over recent Chinese PLA troops and Indian Army standoff in Ladakh. 

Ladakh is in India but China forcefully trying to extend its border area towards Indian side by ignoring LAC (Line of actual control) and peace treaties. 

 “Why PUBG banned in India” is a nationwide curiosity for Indian facet and monetary loss to China. The diplomatic move is within the curiosity of India’s sovereignty and integrity, defence and safety, the federal government stated in an announcement

Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a web based multiplayer battle royale video game developed and printed by PUBG Company.

PUBG company is a subsidiary of South Korean online game firm Blue Hole studio

That is the primary Battle Royale format Online game which was launched at a mass degree. The favoured video games earlier to this like GTA collection, Assasin’s Creed and so on, have been tightly directed tales wherein you have been a personality dwelling the expertise. 

It was held underneath a unified gaming model named Krafton Games Union launched on December 20, 2017. 

Krafton Games Union is a South Korean gaming company. 

Following the success of PUBG in 2017, Blue Hole Video games was renamed PUBG Company in September 2017st publishers

After the success of PUBG online video game the biggest online game writer firm Tencent Video games wish to take over the corporate.

Tencent was based in Shenzhen metropolis of China, in 1998, and listed on the Major Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since yr 2004. 

Tencent is the biggest video games publisher company. It has a stake within the two hottest Battle Royale-style video games: Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PubG). 

Tencent Video games, the biggest Publisher of video games in China, contacted Bluehole on 20 December 2017 with a suggestion to publish Battle royale grounds in China and have equity within the firm

Then PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield, is an abridged model of the unique PUBG video game, was developed by Light speed & Quantum Studio on 09 February 2018..

Light speed and quantum studio is an internal department of Tencent Video games.

After that PUBG Mobile, was launched worldwide on 19 March 2018. PUBG which is PUBG PC is made in Korea by mother firm Blue hole and later often called PUBG company. 

However PUBG Mobile is made in china by gaming giant Tencent and it has ample quantity of shares greater than 30 percent within the game and license to publish it. 

PUBG was the top-selling premium video games of 2017. Around 30 million copies were sold worldwide and grossed about $900 million

By June 2018, it had offered greater than 50 million copies worldwide. PUBG was once more the top-selling premium online game of 2018, In figures its annual gross sales rose up to to $1.028 billion

As well as, the free-to-play PUBG Mobile video game grew to become the top mobile battle royale video game of year 2019 to gross over $1 billion, reaching over $1.5 billion. 

The PUBG Mobile was the second most-downloaded mobile video game of 2018, with practically 300 million downloads worldwide

Its largest market was China, having 29% of the total downloads shares, After China,  India and America are the major markets of the game with each one having around  10% (30 million) of its downloads.

Again in year 2018, it became the most-installed battle royale game. At around 200 million extra installs than Fortnite video game , which acquired 82 million installs on smart phones around the world

PUBG Mobile has reached 555 million gamers through out the world as of year 2019.

The Mobile video game’s largest markets were India with 116 million users and up to  (21%) downloads.

China bacame second with 108 million  around (19%) downloads, and America with 42 million around (8%) downloads became third in the list

In India PUBG has an enormous fan base amongst on-line sport gamers. In accordance with a report, India has 50 milion energetic gamers per month and at around 13 million per day energetic gamers who play it online. 

Aggressive Gaming and Award  

PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Gspherical) principally is a sport wherein about 100 gamers land on an island and who will survive is the winner. 

Many Online gamers play PUBG mobile video game as a time pass only. 

There are other majors tournaments and championships involving enormous quantities of prize money as a reward to winners. 

India’s first official PUBG Mobile Campus Championship was held in teh year 2018

The full prize cash concerned was Rs 50,00,000, with the winning teams reward money was  Rs 15,00,000.

The Championship was vastly popular, with 250,000 registrations from 1,000 colleges throughout 30 cities in INDIA. 

One other championship match was lately declared for PUBG mobile Lite, with a prize money of Rs 5 lakh for the winner. 

The PUBG Fever in INDIA

A PUBG-themed gadgets and mobile shop was opened by Oppo in Bengaluru, in the state of Karnataka. 

The shop was designed to imitate the real battleground within the PUBG mobile video game. 

During that year, in Jaipur pink city of India, a PUBG-themed cafe was inaugurated. 

Opened by a PUBG participant, the cafe was similarly named as PUBG (Players Unknown’s Belly Grounds) here Battle replaced with Belly.

One of the menu was”Chicken dinner”, the same phrase used within the PUBG to greet winners.

A PUBG-themed pre-wedding picture shoot of a Mumbai-based couple went viral in 2019.

A young kid in Punjab spent about Rs. 16 lakhs from his mother and father’ bank accounts on PUBG Mobile earlier this yr, to improve his character and kitting inside the video game.

One other Kid in Punjab used his grandfather’s Paytm account to spend Rs. 2 lakh through the video game for same character uplifting and kitting

Celebrities Also Play PUBG 

Many Indian cricketers, bollywood stars and different well-known personalities also like to play PUBG, together with Hardik Pandya ,MS Dhoni and Yuzvendra Chahal. 

The truth is China is involved in this PUBG mobile video game. And it is  getting revenue from this game and comparable softwares and video games. 

“This move is a main focused transfer to make sure security, safety and sovereignty of Indian our on-line world,” the assertion stated, including that the transfer would safeguard the pursuits of crores of Indian Mobile and web customers

The ban was imparted on 02 Sep 2020.

Other than PUBG mobile video game, 117 mobile apps have been additionally banned by GOI . Among theses major apps are Alipay, Area of Valor, Knives Out, and PUBG mobile Lite

This ban came as a second stage ban after first banned 59 apps in June.

Background Behind PUBG Ban 

There have been a number of clashes and showdowns between Indian Army and PLA troops in Ladakh with China since last six months

In June, 20 Indian soldiers died for the nation in a violent conflict at Galwan Valley

China did not declare its casualty but around 50 PLA soldiers died during the same conflict. 

After that in June, the Indian government banned 59 mobile apps together with Bytedance’s TikTok, Alibaba’s UC Browser and Tencent’s WeChat, additionally citing safety issues

The transfer comes a day after government accused Chinese PLA troops of provocative motion once more within the South of Ladakh’s Pangong Lake. 

Chinese PLA troops had made an identical try on August 31 however Indian troopers have been in a position to thwart them and teach them at each and every occasions, the federal government stated. 

After 31 August 2020, aftereffects the ban was introduced on 2nd September 2020,

Relive From Cyber Safety Threats In accordance with the IT Ministry, the Apps “are engaged in actions that are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, safety of state and public order”

“This choice is a political and diplomatic move to make sure security, safety and sovereignty of Indian our on-line world,” the assertion stated, including that the transfer would safeguard the pursuits of crores of Indian mobile users

The rationale behind that is Tencent’s PUBG Cell ranks among the many world’s high 5 smartphone video games with over 734 million downloads.

There are near 50 million energetic PUBG gamers in India, based on stories and the sport news in some 13 million day by day customers

Explaining its newest so called move, the ministry stated that it had acquired many complaints in regards to the misuse of information by some mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms for stealing and surreptitiously transmitting consumer data to servers outside India. 

“The compilation of those  valuable data of Indian citizens , its mining and profiling by parts hostile to nationwide safety and Defence of India, which in the end impinges upon the sovereignty and integrity of India, is a matter of very deep security concern which requires emergency measures,” stated IT ministry. 

The Home ministry’s cybercrime department had additionally recommended to block and ban these “malicious apps”, the federal government stated.

This move will safeguard the pursuits of crores of Indian mobile users and web users

This move of banning PUBG mobile video game in India is a focused move to make sure security, safety and sovereignty of Indian and its residents.

If some one loves India, he will definitely support government in this move of Ban to PUBG mobile video game and other 117 apps of chinese links. 

Jai Hind . Long live India. 


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