Monitor Vs TV 10 important points

Monitor Vs TV 10 important points
Monitor Vs TV 10 important points

Today we will know about what is the difference between Monitors and Television. So i bring this topic “Monitor Vs TV 10 important points”. 

Imagine using a TV as a monitor and vice versa. It is very cool to use one large monitor as a TV. But really you want to do this?

The answer to this question is in this article. So, have a glance at this and after reading your view will be clear on this question.

Both Monitors and TVs are playing a great role in our entertainment and education life. Without these two things we couldn’t imagine todays modern life. 

As people are spending half of their life either infront of TV or Monitor.

Both Monitor and TV are similar in nature and physical structure. 

So, is it ok if we buy a high-end monitor and use it like a TV or buy a high end TV and start using it as a monitor. It is never the same. There is a huge difference in between both of these items.

Let’s start exploring the differences between these two similar things Monitor Vs TV.




Monitor Vs TV Size

When we are using a monitor and TV we are very particular about size. 

Because, both of these are used for different works. Monitor is used with computer CPUs and need for work or any other web/internet related activity.

Whereas, TV is used as entertainment purpose only.   

We cannot do any office work with TV but today with the help of smart TVs we can definitely socialize our life with the help of internet connection or fire-sticks.

So size is a very much particular objective of choosing Monitors and TVs. 

Basically we prefer a large screen size TV for our home but a small/medium monitor to do our work which is handy and consuming less space so that we can keep it in front of our sitting table.


Monitor Vs TV Resolution

It is the second objective of choosing monitors and TVs. 

Today we can get 4K to 8K resolutions in both TVs and monitors.

But the question is, Why we need resolution and what is resolution?

Resolution is the visual dimension of any given display. It is expressed in terms of width and height of monitors. Also it is comprised of specific number of pixels.

It is the number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed.

Todays 4K monitors are common in monitor range (4K means 3840x 2160) .

And for TVs Also 4K UHD, HDR- 5 and above are common.  

So if we are choosing monitor for any video editing , photo editing and graphics deigning than we should go for higher resolutions. 

Because higher resolution monitor will give you accurate and natural display.

3.    PPI:

Pixels per Inch

Pixels per inch is good with a larger number of pixels per inch. 

Definitely closer spacing produces a sharper image as there are more pixels in a given area.

Generally 96 PPi is good for Televisions and above 150 PPI is good for monitors.  

For sharper and detailed image, this specification is very much important.

In TV sets less PPI is required to watch videos but in monitors higher PPI is preferable.


Color Gamut

It is the range of colors that can be displayed in monitor. 

It is usually shown by an enclosed area of the primary colors of the device on the chromaticity diagram.

As we know AdobeRGB and SRGB are preferred for LCD and monitors. Out of this AdobeRGB is characterized by a broader range than the other.

Like these today most of the manufacturers provide DCI-P3. It is a common RGB color space for digital video transmission. 

It is wider in color variety and recent development in the field of digital colors.

So more the DCI-P3 percentage more colors you will get.


To watch videos in TV and monitor contrast is an important feature.

What is contrast?

Contrast is the ratio of the luminosity of the brightest color (white) to that of the darkest color (black) that the monitor is capable of producing.

The more the contrast the better is the picture and video quality. 

Hence for both Monitors and TVs higher contrast ratio is preferable. For TVs this is more important as we are not only watching videos but it affects our eye sight.


Monitor Vs TV Viewing Angle


Horizontal Viewing Angle

Angle of viewing is also an important feature of monitors and TVs. What is viewing angle ?

It is the maximum angle up to which images on the monitor can be viewed, without any variation in image quality.

Maximum viewing angle in today’s monitors and TVs are 178/178 (1780 in horizontal viewing and 1780 in vertical).

In reality IPS (In plane switching) and VA (Vertical Alignment) type panels are the only technologies available today, which can truly offer wide viewing fields and are commonly quoted as 178/178 (1780 in horizontal viewing and 1780 in vertical)

So go for IPS technology monitors and TVs.

If you are buying a TV, then this feature is most important.


Monitor Vs TV Refresh rates

It is the number of times in a second that a display is illuminated and refreshes itself. 

Maximum refresh rate is limited by response time.

Refresh rate of monitors are 60Hz, 120 Hz,144 Hz, and 240 Hz respectively. If you are buying a monitor, than go for higher refresh rates. 

Because in most of the video editing and graphical programs higher refresh rates will be useful. If you are a gamer than higher refresh rates are necessary for your monitor. Otherwise ghosting will occur in your screen.  

But if you are buying a TV than refresh rate of 60Hz to 120Hz is sufficient as a good quality video content can be seen with the help of this much refresh rates.

In general, 60Hz means refresh rate 60 times per second and 120Hz means your screen will refresh 120 times in a second.

For more details on refresh rates read my previous blog on Frame rate Vs Refresh rate.


It is the time a pixel in a monitor takes to go from active (white) to inactive (black) and back to active (white) again. It is measured in milliseconds.

For monitors lesser response time is good and for TVs it is of less use. 

Because in monitors at the time of various program execution response time will be effective but in TVs you only watch videos 10 or 20 mille seconds will not hamper your video.

Typically a LCD response time is under 10ms (10 milli seconds), now a day’s monitors come with as fast as 01ms.

So choose wisely.


operating system

Today we are in a world of advanced internet and web browsing. 

People prefer to spend time in Internet more than normal television programs.

There are so much online contents like You tube, Netflix, Amazon prime, Hotstar etc. which are playable only in smart TV.

So a smart TV is a TV having its own operating system and memory.

But this facility is not available for normal monitors. As monitors are not working independently and are dependent on CPUs.

Today most of the smart TVs are available in market with latest Android systems and good quality processors of its own with artificial intelligence (AI). 

These are called Next Gen Smart TVs.

AI feature helps in voice interpretation, picture quality management, sound and video quality management and also helps in interconnecting various other devices of your room.

10.  MEMORY:


Smart TVs come with its own internal memory. RAM of 2GB capacity is common in smart TVs. 

Because of RAM various video contents and links can be saved in TVs. 

Also it helps in graphics processor management of TVs.

But monitors are not having any internal memory and they are using computer storage devices for such actions.


Now you can understand the difference between Monitor Vs TV. 

Except these ten things other small features like internal sound system, HDMI ports capacity, USB port capacity, wi-fi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, HLG support, micro dimming are installed in TVs. 

And these features are not available with any monitor types.

So decide yourself your purpose and buy your monitor or TV as per specifications you require. 

And remember this article “Monitor Vs TV 10 important points”.

Also a big size TV in a home will give you more quality time with family and a matter of pride than an extra large monitor.

For more topics like this stay tuned to my blogs. If you want more knowledge on this topic read my previous articles.

Have a great day!


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