Laptop and computer buying guide

Laptop and Computer buying guide
Laptop and Computer buying guide

Laptop and computer both are an essential part in today’s life style. Requirement of this is unlike food, shelter and clothing of basic items in life. 

So i bring this article on Laptop and Computer buying guide which will help you to decide how to buy a laptop and computer.


Starting from education, lifestyle, entertainment, business, socialization in every field of life we need it.

So this article Laptop and computer buying guide will enhance your knowledge on both these products.

Basic features of laptop and computer are as follows:

The features of it are basically divided into two main parts (i) Physical (ii) internal

First we will see the physical features of laptop and computer:

In physical features appearance or display is the main part of attraction. 

When the father of computer Charles Babbage invented computer, it was a size of two storied building. 

But today we can’t even think of something big like a box to keep in our house as a computer.

The main elements of physical features are compact, beautiful and stylish.

Laptop and computer Display:

Laptop and computer



Laptop and computer



When we see any computer we see to its screen/display. If we have to carry it with us to various spaces than light weight and small display is required. 

For students we should go for small 13 inch laptops. For business related activities slight bigger laptop about 17 inches is preferable. 

Because students can carry their laptops in their bags and can roam around various school/college campuses throughout the day. 

But for business related activities slight larger screen can be beneficial for displaying projects and various business strategies.

If we are keeping laptop/desktop only for home than bigger screens 24 inch and above will be beneficial for longer working time and better eye site.

 Also we should go for LED or OLED Monitors for better performance and energy saving.

Now rotation Laptops come with 360 degree rotation, 180 degree  and foldable like note pads hence If you are a junky in laptop, you should go for this type of features. 

But if for normal use than don’t go for such screens and buy simple screen.

Laptop and computer Weight:

Laptop and computer-weight

When it comes to weight, in other items people prefers more weight. But in Laptops and desktops we prefer light in weight. 

In general light weight laptops are more handy and transportable. So at the time of buying go for light weight Laptops.

Today desktops are also very light in weight as compared to the 90’s computers. Due to technological advancement in future we can see desktop PCs in our hand.


Go for plane inline keyboards of laptops. Some laptops also comes with outward keyboards. 

In this type of keyboards in future you may face key loss due to some mishandling. But inline keyboards are sticky and useful.

Backlit keyboard features are also useful during night time for typing. Scissor switch mechanism is used for laptop keyboards which is brilliant in action.

For desktop compact keyboards with 101 key will be useful. There are mainly two types of keyboards for desktops. 

One is wired and standard another one is wireless and compact. Multi functional keyboards are also there for better and optimum use of keyboard.


Today some laptops come with touch screen and touch pad.  We can prefer this type of laptops. But touch screens use more power. 

Also high quality processors are required for this. More RAM also preferable for this type of laptops. Hence think carefully before buy.




Central processing unit

Central processing unit is very essential part of laptop/desktop. It works as a brain of a system. It manages all the activities carried out by the computer. 

It controls inputs and give outputs as desired by the user and carry out the internal task of a system. In laptops C2D (core to duo) or multi core processors are preferable.



Multi core processor

Multicore means multiple controling units. So in single processing units only one core or CPU is there but in multi core various processing and controlling units are there for fast action. 

At present Dual core , Quad core and Octa core processors are there for laptops/ desktops. For example intel core i3, i5 and i7. Again in them generations are important.

If its generation is advanced than company must have upgraded it and it is useful to buy. 

Hence go for a higher version of CPU with latest generation so that u can keep it and use it for a longer period of time.

Size of the desktop CPU matters.

Today very compact design CPU are available in market which looks like a small portable cabinet and can be easily placed at any corner of your house.




Random access memory

In storage requirements we need a more powerful RAM to operate smoothly. Now what is called as a RAM.

Basically there are two types of memories in computer. One is RAM and other one is ROM. 

RAM is called Random access memory and ROM is Read only memory.  RAM is a form of computer memory. 

In RAM we can erase memory and write new programs instantly. It can be used a number of times. By switching on and switching off the memory is created and again erased by system.

It is volatile in nature. It is typically used to store working data and machine code. 

It allows data items to be read or write in most the same amount of time irrespective of the physical location of the data inside the memory. 

But in other data storage devices such as HDD, CD-RW, DVD-RW and other magnetic tapes and drum memory, the time required to read and write data may very according to the medium and mechanical features of the device. 

At the time of purchasing Laptop/ Desktop, RAM capacity matters. Now a days 4GB RAM is minimum and provided by company in their systems. 

But according to your purpose you can extend it by telling to your vendor. Like if you require system for gaming and coding purpose than RAM capacity may be increased from 4GB to 8GB or 16 GB.

There are mainly two types of modern RAM.  One is SRAM (Static ram ) and DRAM (Dynamic RAM). 

SRAM is expensive but uses less power and faster than DRAM. So we must go for SRAM.

But in ROM the full form itself suggests that read only memory. Even after switching off the system the memory will not be deleted. 

The programs which we write in this will be saved and can not be deleted. It will help activation of programs faster. 

So that we can access them instantaneously. Computers have very less ROM space.

Laptop And Computer Hard Disks:



Hard disk drive

Thank god! Our technology in this field are so improved that large amount of data are stored in just some millimeters length of hard disk.  

For example HDD(Hard disk drives ) and SSD (Solid state drives).

Let me explain the features of HDD. HDD is a type of storage device. HDD first invented by IBM in the year 1953. 

Its first commercial use is started in the year 1957. It created a new level in the computer data hierarchy. Basically HDD devided  into two categories. 

One is external storage device and another one is internal. In laptops or desktops internal HDD are used. 

But for other storage purposes we can use external storage devices if our system data capacity is low or about to fill.  

You can get HDD external storage devices of various ranges starting from 256 GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB etc.



Solid state drive

In future HDD will be replaced by SSDs. Because SSDs are fast and durable. At present SSDs are expensive than HDD.     

In best systems maximum 256GB SSD are provided by companies. But in future SSD will be rule the computer system environment. It is advisable that you should go for SSD hard disk in system. 

With the help of SSDs you can perform the transfer of files and data in a very fast and effective way as compared to HDDs. You also can opt for SSHD, which means both use of SSDs and HDDs in your system side by side.

Laptop and Computer expansion cards like Graphics Cards:

It is also known as video cards. If you want to play video games than graphics cards will be an important feature of your laptop/desktop. 

Approximately 4GB graphics cards will be a good choice for your laptop/PC. Also for video editing purpose graphics cards are useful.

There are two types of graphic cards as per its setup in system. One is integrated graphics card and another one is dedicated Graphics card. 

In integrated graphics card computer uses your internal memory space from RAM which will make your computer slow. 

Hence always go for dedicated graphics cards. In dedicated graphics cards system memory is not getting consumed during operations.

Laptop and computer -UPS/ Backup system:

Laptop and computer- UPS

UPS stands for uninterrupted power supply.

For Laptops UPS is not required. In laptops internal battery is provided by system. If you buy good quality product than it may give you 4 to 5 hours battery backup and working time. 

Gradually the battery back up will drain and working time will reduce to 2 hrs approximately. In about 5 yrs of use you should change the battery of your laptop to keep it in working condition.

For Desktop PCs UPS is an essential element. In desktops a good quality of approximately 1 KVA power may be used for better back up of power supply system. 

It will give approx 15 to 30 minutes of battery backup during power failure. To avoid breakdown of system uninterrupted power supply is required for desktop PCs. Hence buy good quality of UPS. 

In case of poor quality of UPS your system operating system may crash and you have to install it again. So be careful.

Assembled and OEM provided:

Laptop and computer

OEM provided PCs and Laptops where both its hardware and software are provided by the company itself is effective and trustworthy. 

Hence go for OEM provided PCs and laptops. But if you are purchasing assembled PCs, than you have to be more cautious of fraudsters. 

Also different genuine softwares need to be purchased from vendors for uploading in your system. Without genuine software your valuable data may be lost or stolen.

Today various other supporting equipment are issued along with main system like Headphones, external hard disks , carry bags, extra keyboards and mouse by various vendors. 

Along-with this check for warranty extension and software support by vendors before buying laptop and computer.

So through this article Laptop and Computer buying guide you might get a comfortable idea on how to decide which one to buy.

Now you can decide yourself that which product will be good for you and which one you can buy.

In my future articles i will tell you all about some good products to buy and its technical specifications.

Have a great day!


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