How To Start A Blog- For Beginners

How to start a Blog
How to start a Blog

If you are interested in blogging and you want to start a blog than move further and read this article “How to start a blog”. Otherwise it will not be useful for you but you can read it for gaining knowledge on Blogging.

If you want to start a blog whether it is blogging for business purposes or for personal pleasure starting a blog is a fun and creative way to express yourself and educate others.

And the best thing of all is that anyone can start a blog for free on the internet or by paying through hosting services.

Although it can be a bit of work starting off, don’t let that deter you from the experience and joy that can be gained from creating a masterpiece of a blog.

As your creation grows and builds an interactive online community, you will get that warm feeling of reward that can only be compared to a proud writer.

To become a professional blogger you need some qualities to inculcate inside of you.

How to start a Blog

There are basically two types of things you have to master on

  • Good writing skill:

To become a professional blogger you need to be a good writer and that to you have to love writing. Because to becoming famous in Blogging carrier you have to be patience. Also you need to be a content writer. You have to choose a content and write on that topic.

  • Good knowledge on a language:

Like a good writer you must be very proficient in the language you are writing. If you are good in English than start your blog in English and if you are good in Hindi than start your blog in Hindi.

Now that you know the basic things required for blogging. So move further in this article:

How to start a blog?

  1. Reasons for blogging:

You need to choose what you are blogging for. You are doing it for fun or for making money.

If you want visitors in your blog, what do you want them to do when they arrive and spend quality time inside your blog. If you just like to write, than it is fine, blogging can be absolutely curative in some ways.

  1. Niche- Fix on a topic:

If you are very sure about the motive that you are blogging then that will help you value and decide on what you are going to blog about.

Deciding your Niche is a crucial part of your blogging. So think it carefully and research properly before deciding your Niche.

What you are going to blog about is also dogged by the people that you are soothing to talk to.

You can blog about the topic you are mastered, on current news, on viral videos, on latest products and gadgets or controversial topics.

You can write down certain topics, of regular and related to your life style like Yoga, Gym, Health and Food.

By staying stable on one topic you can gain credibility and be seen as an expert in your field.

So if you have decided your Niche than start blogging.

You can go for making a Free blog site or a paid blog site.

  1. Free blog Site:

Free blogs are everywhere in the web.  In free blog you will be provided with free domain and free Hosting.

In free domain your decided domain name or Niche will come along with the platform name. e.g

You just simply do a web search and you can hit upon some free good free blog providers. Some examples are,, and But in free blog sites you will not get the freedom you wanted you cannot change the theme you like or many more constraints are there.

Your blog will not be your own but; the domain will be something like so you will have the same domain name as many other people have.

If you are trying to make money most of the free services don’t allow you to advertise on their sites and they will restrict you.

Free blogging services aren’t the finest options I will suggest you if you want to make it professional. It is just an easy and free way to start learning swimming in swimming pool before going to swim in river.

  1. Paid blog sites:

If you have decided to go for paid blogging site of your own than again two things you will need to start.

Purchase a DOMAIN name of your choice:

Now you will have to register and record a domain name (this is the actual name of your website/blog). Price range may defer as per the SEO difficulty and easiness.  It may be started from about 100 rupees and can go up to thousands.

You can use a service of Go-Daddy, Site-ground, Hostinger or Host gator to register you domain name.

The trendier domain names usually cost more. A nice simple option when opening is to go for names like etc something like that.

You can always change the domain name later or have more than one all linking to the same actual webpage.

After purchasing domain you need a Host to start your website.


For a paid blog you have to pay for the domain name and the hosting services.

Buying a hosting service is like buying a plot to construct a house. After buying hosting you are ready to construct  your blog site in internet.

You will then own the blog yourself and therefore have more control over the blog when you begin to try and make money.

A lot of the free blogs don’t allow you to advertise on it but you can start advertising and earn money in your paid blog sites.

You can get Hosting options through,, all offer hosting solutions.  Some are cheap and some are costly.

At the time of buying you should see the performance of the site and match its up time with other service providers.

Most of these hosting provides will provide you with instructions on how to use of Word Press on your new hosted domain.

If you know HTML, Java and CSS you can beautifully design your website through codes.

  1. Traffic

When you publish something on your blog you want people to read it or watch it. This is where traffic comes in. If you want your blog to be successful you need to learn to get traffic to it.

There are many different options here depending on your expertise and budget. Basically traffic can be broken down into free and paid traffic.

Free traffic includes the following:

  • Search engine traffic of google, yahoo etc.
  • Social media traffic (Facebook, twitter, instagram etc)
  • Article marketing through different article posting sites.

All of these topics by themselves could be the topics of pages you want to write.

Paid traffic includes the following:

  • PPC (paid per click): advertising, eg the little ads you see at the top of every Google and yahoo search engines
  • Solo ads: which is where you pay someone with a large list of email subscribers to email them and tell them about your blog,
  • Banner advertising: you buy an advertisement space on a website for a set of term and advertise your site.

  1. Contents:

Once you have your site up and running you need to create posting relevant content in the form of articles, pictures or videos.

For ideas on what to write about check out current trending videos at, news providers like, BBC, ZEE News, or simply Google search news.

So I hope this article “How to start a Blog” has given you a basic idea on starting a personal and professional Blog.

Have a great day!


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