Smartphone- How To Choose A Best Smartphone

how to choose a best smart phone

Today smartphone is an essential part of our life. Starting from bed and going back to bed at night everything we do,   this small thing always accompanies us. So today we will know “How to choose a best smartphone”.


This is how to choose a best smartphone that’s perfect for you. This is not the most fun place to start but it’s really important make a budget and stick to it.

High end phones have gotten really expensive and lower to your phones have gotten pretty affordable and really good.

You’ll find some excellent devices for around a thousand bucks but for most people that’s not the smartest purchase decision unless they’re getting a serious discount.

And in fact you can probably find a really good phone that fits all your needs for half the price.

 If your budget is Rs 30,000 and above, you’re looking at this year’s flag ship phones. If you have Rs 15,000 to 30,000 rupees to spend than choose your phone wisely. 

You’re looking at this year’s mid rangers or last year’s flagships holder flagships offer faster chip sets and better cameras but less battery efficiency.

While mid rangers offer a better battery efficiency your software and sometimes features like waterproofing. 

Under Rs 15,000 you’re playing the budget game which means that if you’re keen on a lot of features be prepared for some compromises.

If you’re smart you can get a phone that has the one or two features that you want and need the most. 

But the phone will probably withhold on the other ones speaking of which make sure to isolate needs from wants a lot of manufacturers push the best screen the best camera the best whatever. 

But well that’s great for innovation in the industry that might not be what’s best for you especially when it means spending hundreds more on a device.


android vs ios

Now I know this is a very sensitive topic but we have to talk about Android and iOS.

If you’re stuck with one operating system and want to switch to another but are too scared because it’s too difficult or you lose all your data. Don’t be there’s a lot of apps that make switching very easy.

If you’re worried about a particular app now-a-days most popular apps will be available on both types of devices and you can always check the App Store or the Play Store to be sure.

If you have something that’s more specialized. iPhones have traditionally been more expensive but easier to use and Android has traditionally been more flexible with more features and cheaper.

This year that’s definitely been turned on its head since there have been really beautiful well designed super expensive devices from different manufacturers.

So now you’ve got your budget and an open mind and you’re ready to dive in.



First choose the size of your phone. Do you want the biggest screen possible for a YouTube and coffee in the mornings or do you want something that’s usable with one hand.

Even if a phone is comfortable to hold one-handed you still might have to check that your fingers are perfectly movable for searching notifications.

So if you have really small hands it might be really annoying when you’re looking for the best display possible.


smartphone color

You want good contrast the colors great brightness, but not necessarily amazing pixel density. 

You will notice if your phone is not bright enough to read outside and you will notice if you have really ugly colors. 

However you might not notice a huge difference between 1080p and 4k with that in mind. You should generally strive for a pixel density of around 400PPI.  

Pixel density isn’t generally that important unless you have a virtual reality headset or have amazing vision though.

If you’re using that VR site constantly with the screen this close to your eyes that might not be a problem.


smartphone camera

Long cameras are some of the biggest selling points of phones nowadays.

But nowadays megapixels don’t really matter.

Photo and video quality depend on the phone sensors chip set software processing and aperture way more than megapixels and actual image size.

So if you want to find the best camera in your budget you have to compare photos and videos not specs.

Phone cameras biggest weaknesses are night shots and really contrasted light conditions. This is suddenly one of those areas where buying an expensive phone might make a huge difference.

If you’re the sort of person that likes to take a lot of videos make sure that the videos themselves have stabilization and good detail.

Generally you will get good photos with 16 and above mega pixels. But as a smartphone user more than 40 mega pixel camera is really not required.

But as a phone camera lover you can buy new phones up to 108 mega pixels.


phone battery

phone battery

Make sure that you’re gonna be getting the battery life that you need. Some people don’t mind charging their phone more often.

But others have higher expectations that’s you remember that a bigger battery doesn’t always mean better endurance.

 If an Android phone has a four thousand million power pack, it’ll probably last you ages. 

But since batteries are bulky, phones usually have less than that there are two numbers that you really need to care about.

The first is screen on time this is how quickly the battery dies when you’re actively using the phone. 

It’s an imprecise metric however since everybody uses their phone differently and you can’t rely on getting a similar screen on time as another user.

The other thing that you need to pay attention to is total battery life. This is how long the phone will last with average use including the time that the phone spend in your pocket.

Some phones have good screen on times but when they’re in your pocket and others have the opposite problem and remember these numbers are an average and not a guarantee.

For how long the phone will last they are the most useful and comparing the battery life of all the phones that we’ve tested.

In latest phone technology lithium –ion battery is used inside the phones. A new tech, like lithium-sulphur battery will power the smartphone more than 5 days. Future generation phones might come with this advanced battery.

So that you know which phone is better and by how much.


phone charging

So I bet you’ve noticed that a lot of phones with glass backs, which allow for wireless charging.

But what you might not be aware of is that wireless charging isn’t that good. It’s actually really slow and in fact there’s another technology that you should be paying attention to instead and that’s quick charging.

Some quick chargers are really awesome and they can charge your phone up to 50% in half an hour or sometimes even more faster. 

And you’re gonna find yourself in way more situations where you need a quick top-up versus that one Starbucks in your area or that one Airport that has a wireless charger which saves your life.

If you want wireless charging than you have to spend more.



If you get a phone that has less than 32 gigabytes of storage you’re gonna have a bad time no matter if you have an iOS or Android device.

Many phones don’t come with expandable storage and even if they do that’s not a guarantee that you’ll be able to use that SD card for apps if you have 16 gigabytes or less.

Also remember that the operating system also takes up space. As a rule of thumb SD cards are great for photos videos and maybe music if you download it. But as far as apps go they’re only good for Android 7.0 and up.

Also if you think that you’re going to survive 16 gigabytes and cloud storage you’re right but you’re not going to have a good time.

Today you can find 128 GB and above storage in moderate and high end phones.


For RAM, three to four gigabytes is a great place to start. More RAM equals better multitasking and more apps that you can open all at once.


Your phone can survive your environments even if you’re a very careful person. A phone is always on you and accidents do happen.

Check out drop tests, scratch test, underwater tests and generally make sure that your phone can survive the bulk of what you’ll throw at it. 

This is the one of the good features of a smartphone.


 chip set

The chip sets I’ve listed here are all flagship level they include the future Snapdragon 865 which will replace the 855s.

Qualcomm Snapdragon MediaTek HiSilicon Samsung Exynos
865 Helio P90 Kirin 990 9825
855 Plus Helio G90T Kirin 980 9820
855   Kirin 970 9810
845   Kirin 960  


smartphone vi

Now that you’ve compared specs and found a list of devices that you like. Find a store, any store you’re not necessarily going to buy from there, but you have to meet your phone in person.

What you love on paper might annoy you in the hand. Maybe it’s too slippery. May be it has a weird edge. 

Maybe it’s really bulky. May be something just doesn’t fit you. You won’t know until you actually feel the device in your hands.


smartphone & lock

Make sure that you like the phone’s unlocking method. There is generally a few really common biometric unlocking methods including face recognition, touch ID, smart locking or iris scanning. The last one being sort of rare.

So if you hate face scanning don’t get the iPhone 10. If you wear gloves all the time make sure that the phone has a face unlock option. Face unlocking is available on Android but it’s not gonna be as secure as Apple’s.  

However you will have touch ID which is more secure than face ID.


smartphone UI

Play around with these or interface and make sure that you like it because there is a limit to how much you can change it. And every single manufacturer seems to have their own version of Android nowadays.

Of course there is this trend where stock Android is becoming more of a thing but it’s not yet enough of a thing for you to really rely on that speaking of which if you are into. 

Android make sure to get a phone with the latest operating system or at least last year’s update for right now that means Android PIE i.e. 9.0 or Android 10. This will give a wonderful experience of smartphone user.

Don’t count on getting major updates from most manufacturers. So make sure to be happy with the package that you’re going to get on day one.

There are a few exceptions to this like the pixel phones. But for the most part this is the way the industry works. 

While you’re opening a bunch of apps, play a game take a selfie use the camera app make sure that everything is the way that you want it to be.

If everything checks out, you might have found your perfect match where you might have found several smartphones of your choice.

Now after reading this article on how to choose a best      smartphone ,you will find it easier to choose best smartphone from market.

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Have a great day.


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