Google Assistant going to upgrade Tobii Dynavox devices

Google Assistant going to upgrade Tobii Dynavox devices

Google Assistant going to upgrade Tobii Dynavox devices  and make it more user friendly.

Recent announcements of Google:- Google is bringing Google Assistant to Tobii Dynavox‘s apps and services, which will enable users with communicating and visual problem needs to assign virtual tiles to actions that will control smart house gadgets and other Tobii equipment.

The corporations additionally partnered to integrate Action Blocks, UI components that make it simpler for individuals with cognitive disabilities to make use of Google Assistant, with Tobii’s hundreds of picture-based symbols for making calls, sending texts, taking part in video, and other activities.

Individuals of different ages  who’re visually impaired is estimated to be 285 million, out of which almost 40 million are fully blind. A slight over 5% of the world’s inhabitants that is about 466 million individuals  have a disabling type of hearing loss. Such a huge number of impaired people are going to get benefited from this decision.

Platforms like Google Assistant bridge the accessibility gap to some extent, they haven’t at all times been optimized for those with needs beyond the typical gadget person.

Tobii Dynavox’s Snap Core First software program, which is accessible on Tobii’s tablets and apps, has a preconfigured set of softwares for users to communicate about issues accessible through contact, eye gaze, and scanning. Now, with help for Google Assistant, customers can assign these tiles to Google Assistant actions. Softwares can also be configured to get answers from Google Assistant to questions like “What’s the weather?” or “What’s on the calendar for today?”

Tobii Dynavox Google Assistant

For setting up, Tobii clients need to create a Google account and configure a smart speaker or smart display within the Google Home app on Android or iOS. After providing access to the Snap Core First app, they can then configure software by selecting a button in edit mode, tapping on “Add action,” after which choosing the “Send Google Assistant command.”

Action Blocks Works:

More accessibility of mobile apps was the motivating force behind Action Blocks, a framework that leverages Google Assistant to kick off actions like ordering a ride-share, queuing up a show, or calling a member of the family with the tap of a house display screen shortcut. Action Blocks will be custom-made with a picture of the person’s selecting, which serves as a visible cue.

Tobii Dynavox’s library of tens of hundreds of Picture Communication Symbols (PCSs) can now be used to create Action Blocks buttons in an expanded vary of languages together with French, Italian, German, Spanish,  Japanese and others.

PCSs are units of shade and black-and-white drawings initially developed in 1980 by the assistive expertise firm Mayer-Johnson to be used in various and assistive communication methods. PCSs kind a core library of roughly 5,000 symbols, supplemented by general-purpose addendum and country-specific libraries for a complete of over 37,000 symbols in 40 languages.

Tobii Dynavox Google Assistant

On Tobii Dynavox gadgets, Action Blocks may also be assigned to switches, in order that tapping a bodily button can immediately set off a Google Assistant motion on a smartphone. “We’re bringing Google Assistant to Tobii Dynavox [in a way] that will help people … gain even more independence and empower them to do things like control smart devices and appliances around their homes,” Google Assistant product manager Praveen Chandran wrote in a blog post.

The design of Google Assistant  is done keeping accessibility in mind and to help everyone be more independent at home and better connect with rest of the world.

This will really take the technology of Tobii’s to the next level.


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