There is a famous quote “The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.”

Learning never ends. Inspired by this quote I developed this site to educate and give latest technological developments related to our life. Also to give ideas about today’s technical developments and ideas, implemented and applied in our everyday life.

How I get the idea to start this blog?

I want to start something knowledgeable which can benefit people. If you are hungry for knowledge than you keep on searching. And you know that search for knowledge never ends.

So I search everything and most of the sites from which I can get the answer. So I decided to write blogs specific to a subject which can give a fully fledged knowledge about a topic when any reader will read it.

So that the readers will find it helpful and no need to search around a number of sites. It can help them save their time.

This is my first blog site. In future I will try to bring more blogs on different niches which will directly benefit the internet content readers and help to increase their knowledge.

If any one reader gets benefit from this blog than I think my hard work pays back to me.

A brief about Myself:

I am Deepak.  I am professionally a HR and supply chain manager. Also I have expertise in IT and Server grade technology.  I have a long experience of material management in IT and servers working with IT sectors in both private and government organizations.

I am also a career counselor and business analyst.